In an effort to be 100% transparent with my readers, I would like to make you aware of some of the companies I am in partnership with or have affiliate links to:

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What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links are essentially a way for companies to market their products through my blog. The products advertised are hand picked by myself as I see fit to use in certain categories of posts.

This blog and some of it’s posts contain referral links to affiliate products and services. If you decide to make a purchase for items mentioned through external links in the post, I will receive a small commission at absolutely no extra cost to you.

**Please note: I only recommend items and services that I would be happy to use myself, or that I think would be beneficial for others from my own experiences. I will not recommend items simply to make a profit.**

Minimalism for Mums is a blogging community and business that I have built and is my pride and joy. This means I will only give honest reviews and advice about products in an effort to build trust and relationships with my readers and our community.


Any information given in this blog is purely for informational and entertainment purposes. Please note that I am not a financial adviser. Any financial advice given in this blog is simply from my personal experience or perspective. Just because it works for me, it may not work for you. Please seek additional expert advice before making any financial decisions.

Please note that neither am I a healthcare nor nutritional expert in anyway. If I post any recipe or cooking advice, it is purely from my own experience and dietary needs and wants. If you have any concerns, please seek additional expert advice.


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