How to Make Money with Old Baby Clothes

What happens when your little baby isn’t so little anymore? Well, usually it means you have a literal shed load of old baby clothes stuffed into plastic sacks cluttering up space in your home.

It’s easy to make money with old baby clothes, because there are always other parents that need a new sized set of clothing for their child. You can sell them at Baby Events, on community selling pages or on eBay.

There are some baby items that I would never recommend buying second hand. However, baby clothing is definitely a product I will always recommend buying preloved. It’s a great item to sell on to parents when you little ones have outgrown their adorable outfits, if you can bare to let them go.

Baby booties and onesies

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What is the best way to sell baby clothes?

There are so many ways to sell old baby clothes, including from the comfort of your own home. Here are five options of selling that are more sales in person.


Gumtree, or its American counterpart, Craigslist, is a classified ad service where you can advertise locally and a buyer will collect from your house and pay cash. You can create a listing through their online service for free, or pay to have a featured listing.

It is worth considering selling clothing as a bundle with this method. It can sometimes be time consuming to organise collection and negotiate price, and for a £2 sale it might not be worth the effort. If you sold a job lot for £20-30 however, it might not be as laborious.

NCT Events / Baby Sales

The NCT (National Children’s Trust) organise regular Nearly New Sales throughout the country. You can even become a volunteer for the trust and organise them in your local area.

These are fantastic because all of the people coming to the event will be a parent and potential customer of yours.

There is usually a pitch or admission charge for your table, but you get to keep 100% of your sales and you can sell toys and equipment too.

The average sale could be at a slightly higher price than you would on average receive at a carboot sale. This is because your customers will have experience in buying their own baby items and know how much things cost from new (which is a lot!)

Carboot Sales

My happy place! I love carboot sales, and it’s a great place to find a bargain. This option can be limited to seasons however. In my local area, there aren’t many indoor carboot sale saround, they only seem to happen between the months of March and October.

Most Carboot sales in my area run each Sunday from around 6:00 am until lunchtime, so expect to wake up very early, around 4:30-5:00 am. Though if you’re a Mum, this shouldn’t be too much of a shock to the system.

You will have to pay a pitch, and price will depend on your area. My local sale charges £7 per pitch. Don’t expect to sell your baby clothes for a ton of money here. You can, but it is generally expected at carboot sales that items are priced up to around £2 ($3) per piece and often customers won’t be willing to pay more than that.

Remember to take a small cash float so you can give customers change.

The good thing here is that you can take along all of the other household items that you have decluttered throughout the months or years. This will increase your average sales. The most money I ever made at a carboot sale was £130. Great for a few hours work in the morning, plus you get so much of your space back in the shed or garage at home.

Check you local newspaper or community site for the carboot sales in your area.

Bulk Buying Centres

These are a quick and easy solution if you just need to have a clear out and get some space back in your home.

The process involves taking your baby clothes to a bulk buying centre (search for one in your local area – they are quite common) and put them all in a sack. The owner will then pop the bag on a scale and you will get paid a price per kilo of total weight.

Again, you do not get paid a whole lot with this method. The handler might go through your items and discard any items that they do not deem suitable. You might make around £10-15 for a whole lot of baby clothes.

The company Loopster is an online children’s clothing business who will pay you for your old baby clothes in bulk. They also sell second hand clothes, so you could trade them in for the next size up.

They donate all of the clothes that don’t meet their standards to Traid, a charity which aims to end child and bonded labour in sweatshops and also cut down on environmental clothing waste. Pretty cool, huh?

Sell to Pre-loved Baby Shops

Some second-hand clothing shops may have similar offers to buy your no longer needed childrens clothing. They may pay a price per bag, per kilo or by item.

Some offer sales on a consignment basis. You give the seller your clothes, which will still belong to you until the items sells. You will then receive a percentage of the sale price of the item.

My local consignment store will accept clothing seasonally, and will then hold a sale at the end of every Winter or Summer. If at the end of a four week sale period, your item still hasn’t sold, you will be asked to collect or it will be donated to charity.

This is essentially like giving your stock to a professional salesperson who is more likely to sell it for a higher cost as they get most of the profit.

I can also offer my local shop toys, cots and prams, too. Check your local store as guidelines may vary.

Where can I sell old baby clothes online?

Woman working form home, looking at phone

Selling baby clothes online will get you a vastly bigger audience and price. It is becoming increasingly easy to do, and there are a huge number of ways you could do this:

Some of my favourites include:

Facebook Marketplace

The great thing about Facebook is that nearly everyone has it! Use their Marketplace feature to tune into a huge local audience.

In a similar way to Gumtree, write a description of the item and set your price. Someone will message you with an offer and will collect from your home.

This again is relying on a person to show up when they say they will which can be frustrating. But it can be a quick way to sell your items to a large local audience.

eBay Store

I owned a successful baby clothing store on eBay for a few years. After having my second child, I am currently having a break as I explore other options, but it was a profitable business and I made £8000 in my first year of selling.

eBay is a resource that most people have used at one point in time, which is one of the best things about it – there is an international audience waiting to see what you have to sell.

It is quite amazing how much money people will pay for pre-loved baby clothing on eBay. Depending on the brand, some items have sold for almost their retail value from new, and it’s not just the designer labels bringing in more money.

High street brands such as Next and John Lewis sell really well.

Make sure the clothing is in good and clean condition, or make it clear when selling that the items may have faded marks or any damage. Take good photographs of the clothes and write a detailed description.

You can sell the clothing in an auction listing or as a buy it now price. Don’t forget to add the postage cost, which the seller will pay.

Some of the down sides to this way of selling are the fees that eBay (and PayPal) charge. It can take quite a chunk out of your profits, but you generally get to charge more money on the whole.

Shopify Store

Why not create your very own platform to sell your clothing? Shopify is a website that allows you to build your own stand alone shop / e-commerce store. You decide which (legal) items to sell, and they can even be second-hand! Great!

It’s compatible with selling sites like Facebook, so you can create an engaged audience on this and social media sites like Instagram and direct them over to your Shopify store. Great if you’ve got a large network of Mum friends who can help you get started.

Shopify do charge a monthly subscription fee, and though you don’t have the extensive audience of eBay, it is vastly less expensive than eBay & Paypal fees in the long run.

Shopify offer a two week free trial, so if you’re having a clear out take advantage – you don’t even need to add your credit card details. If you enjoy it, it could even be a potential business idea for the future.

How do you price used childrens clothes?

Used baby clothes can be difficult to price, as it mainly depends on condition and brand.


To get the most money for your baby clothes on sites like eBay, the clothing must be:

  • In like new – good condition
  • Clean

They must not be:

  • Colour faded / grey-ish in colour
  • Ripped or Damaged
  • Stained – particularly important when re-selling baby clothes – I’ll say no more!

If you’re considering selling clothes that you wouldn’t feel happy buying yourself, forget about it.


Popular brands will vary between countries. In the UK, popular high street brands such as Next and Jojo Maman Bebe sell really well. This is because the stores sell good quality clothing with cute designs. Plus they’re expensive to buy new – so people will jump at the chance to save 50% on a nearly new item from the same label.

If your baby has been lucky enough to be kitted out in designer brands, the good news is you will probably be able to sell those little Ralph Lauren booties for at least 50% of the retail value.

You will get to know what brands sell well in your area.

If the item is colourful or has a cute design, it will most likely be easy to sell.

Pricing also depends on the method of sale. You can charge a lot more money on eBay or through your Shopify store. Whereas at a carboot sale you may get customers only willing to pay £1 for a cute designer dress.

Other things to consider


Baby clothing sotre

When selling your clothes online or at an event, you need to present you baby clothing professionally in order to increase it’s potential value.

Imagine if you are shopping yourself online:

Are you more likely to buy the laundered dress photographed hanging with a cute backdrop with good natural lighting?


Are you going to buy the stained dress that has been photographed crumpled up on an unmade bed with horrible lighting so you can barely see it?

If you’re thinking, who the heck would do that? I’ve seen it way too many times.

A good photograph can increase the chance your items sells by miles. Take the time to show you have taken care of your items.

Seasonal trends

It’s really not worth trying to sell a snowsuit in July, so think about what items you have and how and when you will be selling them. It might be worth hanging onto summer items until the following year to earn a little more money from them.

This also goes for planning outdoor sales events. You won’t have too many customers at a carboot sale in December. Think about looking for a sale indoors if the weather is dreadful.


Some of these selling methods take a lot of time, and as a busy mum I know time is everything.

You have to way up the pros and cons of each method. Quickly throwing clothes in a bag and weighing them will make you way less money than taking the time to upload each item on to eBay.

It’s all relative to your situation.

Environmental Responsibility

Reusing clothing is a moral responsibility in response to the global waste crisis that has recently been highlighted in the media.

Some clothing companies are very unethical when it comes to mass production. Then when the clothes are out of season and don’t sell in a sale, they are just shredded and wasted. I was stunned when I heard of this.

If we can reduce waste, costs and the suffering of workers in sweatshops, then buying and selling second hand baby clothes is a no-brainer.

Other ways to reuse your old baby clothes

There are lots of other ways to recycle your old baby clothing if you not in need of the cash.

  • Donate them to charity shops and thrift stores.
  • Give the used clothing to another expectant parent.
  • Create a keepsake using old baby grows.
  • Up-cycle them to create clothing for your dog.
  • Recycle the materials at clothing banks.

How do you make money with your old baby clothes? Let me know if you have any questions about selling baby clothes on eBay. Thanks!

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