5 Bath Toy Storage Solutions – declutter your bathroom today!

I don’t know about you, but of all the toys I despise tidying up, bath toys tops them all. It’s the last thing I want to do after being drenched by splashing children and chasing them around their bedrooms with their pyjamas like a lunatic.

My usual method is to simply drain the tub and leave the bathroom.

I have tried the usual toy hammock that suctions to the tiles on your walls. This either doesn’t allow excess water to drain, and frankly isn’t the most attractive thing to have in your bathroom. Plus it’s sticking capabilities are left to be desired.

If this sounds familiar, read on for my list of 5 Bath Toy Storage Solutions for a clutter free bathroom.

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1. Ubbi Freestanding Bath Toy Organizer

If you’re not a fan of the wacky colours of bath storage solutions, then this could be for you. It is an ingenious storage caddy that drys toys. It has a lid and can be used to simply scoop the items out of the bath using the handles when playtime is over. The design allows water to drain into a tray at the bottom which can be removed for cleaning. It is BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and is dishwasher safe, too! It is functional and fashionable – win! This is my favourite for function and retails on Amazon for around £19.99.

2. Munchkin Quack Bath Toy Caddy

This cool over bath caddy has a multitude of benefits. Excess water is allowed to drain when storing toys and compartments can be personalised by sectioning areas for little or larger items. It has a soap dish and wash-cloth hook and grips the bath meaning it won’t slip and doesn’t need suction cups to do it!. It can also be used as a safety barrier between your little one and the taps, which will prevent burns and bumps. Brilliant product and retails for £13.99 on Amazon.

3. Peli Play Pouch Bath Tidy

This is a super fun storage solution for your kids bath toys, and I’m sure they will love it! Playful Pelican’s beak is lifted up and toys can be dropped into it’s mesh pouch. This can be hooked on the side and hidden on the inside of the bath to create a clean and tidy look. The mesh will allow your toys to air after bath time. This will make tidying toys away super fun for the kids as they get to feed the pelican. Amazon retails for around £13.99.

4. Munchkin Bath Toy Storage Scoop

Another from Munchkin which is a little more durable than the usual netting holder. This acts as storage and a toy in itself for your little ones. The super large scoop can hold a LOT of toys. Because of its size, the scoop does come with a separate wall fixing. This allows the scoop to be hooked on to so it won’t slide down the tiles. Easy to use and currently retailing for £12.99 on Amazon.

5. mDesign 4 compartment basket with Handles and Drain Holes

This is a cute little caddy which is a little smaller than others mentioned here. It’s good for holding smaller items like little squirters and bath crayons. My little ones love these but it’s hard to store them without losing them in a larger storage item. You could also store shampoos and washcloths, and the handle makes it easy to transport or store in a bathroom cupboard. It has draining holes on the base to prevent mildew build up. Cute and compact, it retails at £13.19 on Amazon.


5 Bath Toy Storage ideas (1)

I hope these ideas have given you inspiration to banish the bathroom clutter in your home. Hopefully if you are living minimally then your toy clutter will not be too chaotic. Unfortunately bath toys are a mandatory part of having children and you will inevitably have some to deal with.

Did you find this helpful? Are there any other toy storage issues you have trouble with?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

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