Side Hustle Review: OhMyDosh!

Disclaimer: this post contains referral links which means I make a small commission when you sign up to this service which is at no extra cost to you.

I have been hooked on the idea of side hustles for a while now.

It’s amazing what impact the concept of minimalism has on your purse strings. Once you start evaluating what you’re buying and seeing that extra disposable income in your bank account, you start thinking about budgeting more and saving for things you really want.

Side hustles can give you that little extra oomph in your pocket. My husband and I try and make a side income each so we can splurge on things that we really want without feeling guilty. I’m always on the look out for easy money making ideas for some extra cash, though some can be pretty sketchy….

What is OhMyDosh!?

OhMyDosh! is a totally legit way to earn a little extra money by completing various offers through external sites. These mainly included signing up for free trials, but can include applying for competitions, using comparison sites and lots more.

An example of the lightning payout offers.

The website uses lots of well known brands like AmazonNOW TV, and Apple to name but a few. This gave me a little reassurance on the credibility of OhMyDosh!, as I mentioned before, some of these types of websites can be a little dodgy.

A specific example was that I earned £4.00 after signing up to a free trial with reality streaming service HayU. Another included earning £7.00 for signing up to Which? Reviews (I had to pay £1 for this upfront, but immediately had the £7 in my OhMyDosh!account after following the requirements listed. So I made an extra £6 once completed)

It’s so easy that I made £21.50 in under thirty minutes!

They also have a daily give away which members can earn £10, just like that! Bonus!

A summary of my earnings.

Interested? Take a look for yourself. Follow my link for OhMyDosh! and earn £1 in your account just for signing up! Once you have £10 or more in your wallet, you can transfer the amount straight into your bank account through BACS transfer or, for a quicker option you can use PayPal (BACS payments take around 3 working days to complete)

I’d love to hear your experiences with OhMyDosh! and particularly how much you managed to earn! I think it is a safe and legitimate way to earn a little extra money, and definitely worth a look for a quick buck. Leave a comment below.

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